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Prayer, Praise, and emPowerment

Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International, an association of like minded Churches, Fellowships, Ministries, Lay and Clerical leadership.
Following the teaching of God's Word pursuing the great commissioning.
Teaching the word of God, Providing guidance, Training, Covering, Prayer, and Ordination for all in affiliation.
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Sunday, 28 May 2017

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    Erev Shabbath Service (Friday Evening Service)
    All service times : 7:30 PM Centeral Time Music Styles : Messianic, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Praise and Worship
    Producer : 1st Lady Wilma
    Presiding : Pastor Christiaan J. de Ruiter, Th.D. 

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     Date : February 10, 2017  Volume :  Vol. 01 - 04
     Week number :  16  Table Talk (Bible Study) :
    Erev Shabbath (Friday Church Service) :  Not Available Due to Illness
    Hebrew :   Beshelach
    English :    When He let go
     Liturgy for the Erev Shabbath Service
       Line Item  Whom Description
       Opening Jingle EWCMI Shabbath Service Welcome
       Call to worship Joshua Aaron Shema
      Welcome 1st Lady
       Blessing of Messiah Derek Blumenthal Shabbath Liturgy - Blessing of Messiah
       Statement of Faith EWCMI  Congregational
      Vision Statement EWCMI
      Mission Statement EWCMI
      Messianic Song
      Shabbath Welcome 1st Lady Lighting of the Shabbath Candles
      Prayer of The Messiah Baruch Ha'Shem The Lords Prayer
      Shalom Aleichem Mark Zimmerman
      Blessing of the Wife Pastor Chris  Eishet Hayil
      Blessing of the Husband 1st Lady Psalm 112 the Blessing for the Husband
      Blessing of the Children 8th Day The Blessing over the Children
       CCM Song
       Kiddush Hagafen Derek Blumenthal Holy Communion
    Pastor and 1st Lady Pouring of the Juice/Wine
      Kidush Hamotzi Derek Blumenthal Pastor and 1st Lady breaking of the bread
      Torah Blessing Mark Zimmerman Blessing Before the Torah Reading
      Torah Reading
      After Torah Blessing Mark Zimmerman Blessing After the Reading of the Torah
      Before Haftarah Reading Baruch Ha'Shem Blessing for the Haftarah Reading
      Haftarah Reading
      After Hafterah Blessing Baruch Ha'Shem Blessing for after the Haftarah Reading
       Brith Chadashah Reading
      After Brit Chadashah Blessing  Baruch Ha'Shem  Blessing after the reading of the Brit Chadashah (new testament)
      Weekly Teaching Pastor Chris
       Birkat Kohanim Pastor Chris Priestly Blessing
      Closing Song    
      Closing Jingle EWCMI EWCMi Exit jingle Pastor Chris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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  4. New Song - Arise My Love
  5. Hillsong Darlene Zschech - The Potters Hand
  6. Jimmie Black - YaHWeH Reigns
  7. Crowder with Tedashii - Lift your head weary sinner
  8. Joshua Aaron - oh the Blood / oh damo shel Yeshua
  9. Paul Wilbur - Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall
  10. Ron Kenoly - Ain't Gonna Let No Rock

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