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Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International, an association of like minded Churches, Fellowships, Ministries, Lay and Clerical leadership.
Following the teaching of God's Word pursuing the great commissioning.
Teaching the word of God, Providing guidance, Training, Covering, Prayer, and Ordination for all in affiliation.
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Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Neil B. Wiseman
Neil B. Wiseman
Neil B. Wiseman’s self-perception is that of a pastor, or to use an older more affectionate term, a physician of souls. He sees life through the eyes of a pastor. This pastoral perspective has shaped his leadership of local parishes as well as his clergy development assignments in the church. This ideal of physician of souls also greatly influenced his ministry to students as professor/teacher/mentor, as university chaplain, and as dean of a Bible college.

He views his latest book—Agape Awakening: Living a Life of Holy Wholeness—as having an incredibly important message for our times. In that book he shows how most problems have spiritual roots. He says without a bit of flinching that God’s agape love stands ready to fan the flames of a much-needed awakening and to point people back to God.

Other books available from Amazon include Hunger for the Holy, Conditioning Your Soul, Maximizing Your Church’s Spiritual Potential, The Untamed God: Unleashing the Supernatural in the Body of Christ, and Leadership.

With H. B. London, Wiseman has been able to affect the ministry of thousands through their books: The Heart of a Great Pastor, Pastors at Risk, Pastors at Greater Risk, They Call Me Pastor, Married to a Pastor, Becoming Your Favorite Church, For Kids’ Sake and The Shepherd’s Covenant.

Other projects designed to help fellow ministers include the founding of Preaching Today, an audio ministry of Christianity Today, Inc. with more than 5,000 subscribers; founding editor of GROW magazine; and founder and director of Small Church Institute. With his pastor friend Dan Whitney, Wiseman has developed and continues to offer Soul Care, a two-part ministry of a daily (M-F) email devotional service to ministers and other Christian workers called “New Every Morning” and “Iron Sharpens Iron,” pastoral skills ideas, which goes out on Saturday twice a month. Anyone can subscribe at http://nazarenepastor.org/cms/Home/SoulCare/tabid/228/Default.aspx.

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